ding dong~~ assalammualaikum , hye to all my readers *im speaking english today* how ur day ?
i wish ur had an awesOme day ! jjang :) today i want to story about married .MARRIED MARRIED and MARRIED . why i want to story about married ? it's because of this ! *exactly about my uncle wedding* >>>>>>>>>>>
my uncle MOHD EDEAZRY already married with aunty NURUL  SALMA MUNIRAH. kyaaaaaaaaaa!! I don't  believe this , but i have to . :D :) :P love them forever ~ ...
happy day was begin and i want to getting marry tOO !!! hahaha *gedik gilo minah tirah ni*
                                                 happy kawin ! hahaha
                                                    slumber bridal :) crazy+sweet
              lllllllllllooooooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee aunty and uncle 
this is my uncle's best friend .BROTHER  SAHALAN and BROTHER AKLA (I hope So This is The right name) hehehhee....Both of Them Very  nice person ,humble and warm . *eee~ peluk-2(comel)*
                                             photographer = NABILAH@ NABIL
Orite,Only This For Today ...  i don't know what im talking about . i mixed my english..hahaha...janji PRACTICE !!
if wrong, i will correct it . xleh cite bebanyak , dosa-dosa . time nih . gmbr tirah *ilek* tak ambil gambar pon time nih . *sbb serabai* k lah . mau fikir-fikir nak kawin ngan sape nanti . hahah ! bye bye
salam .


  1. haha ! LOL ! ~ pening .....channteekkk pic ! speaking ??!! good try eonnie !!

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